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Customer Testimonial:
We have been using Shield Property Solutions for about a year and a half. They do all of our lawncare services including mowing, fall clean-up (leaf removal, pruning, bulb planting, anything we need), spring sprucing (multching, shrub pruning, planting, etc), and other specialtiy jobs. We have used them for lawncare services and other jobs around the house. They are professional and very personable. Their prices are very competitive especailly for the quality of work. Currently we moved into a new house and will be using them for some bathroom and basement remodeling within the next year. I would highly recommend this company for any of your lawncare or home improvement needs" 

​We at Shield Property Solutions, Inc. offer a wide range of services for residential and commercial lawn care in Saint Louis.

Our weekly St Louis Lawn Maintenance  services include mowing your grass, trimming, edging, and blowing the excess grass clippings from the driveway, sidewalks, flower beds and other areas.  Other services common in St Louis Lawn Maintenance and offered by Shield Property Solutions are Core Aeration, Fertilization,Dethatching, and Pest Control.  Aeration involves the removal of small soil plugs from the lawn allowing for an increase in water penetration, nutrienst and oxygen into the soil. Dethatching will remove unwated grass clippings from the top of the soil that can cause mold, creat a safe haven for unwanted insects, and choke the grass root systems out.  Our monthly insect control spray will take care of many insects and bugs in your lawn. The bugs and insects that are controlled are: Mosquitoes, Ticks, Fleas, Flies, Grubs, Chiggers, Ants, and many more.  SPS offers a complete fertilization service package.  Our custom 6 step program is designed specificaly for your yard and includes weed control and prevention.  Shield Property Solution's fertilization and pest control applications will get your yard looking the best on the block.

Shield Property Solutions will leave a clean, proffesional looking yard with well trimed edges and proffesional stripes and will work with you to enhance the look of your yard.  Along with mowing, we also offer the following service:

Weed Control
Bed Maintenance
Spring and Fall Cleanup

If you are interested in commercial lawn maintenance, please give us a call today for more information about our services.
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